Gods of this World

The Gods of this World

Mortal Pantheon
- or, Iza, the God of Knowledge, normally depicted as a blind woman with arms outstretched, traditionally standing on a pool of water.

Hafton- The God of trickery and magical ingenuity. The god is normally depicted as a male humanoid with the head of a horned beast.

Burnha- The God of morality, hard choices. Normally depicted as a beggar with burning eyes.

Irena- The God of war, depicted as a fiery woman clothed in armor that flows like flaming silk.

The Natural Pantheon
- The first god, the god of wanderlust and all things. The first to live, and the first to die. The symbol for this god is usually depicted as a gold circle.

Gotema- god of the elements, depicted as a combination of the four elements in violent harmony.

Eri-Seri- The god of tempest, of wind and passion. Two gods interlocked in one form forever tearing each other down to rebuild again.

The Chaos Pantheon
- God of sun and moon, the great mover, he who carries and spins the universe on his path home.

Wyrd’on- The god of fates, the universal push and pull and acceptance of things that have happened, are happening, and will happen.

Gods of this World

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